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2015 Coastal Gala

Ted Hill, Chadwick School & Chadwick International (VIDEO)
Ted Hill is serving his 18th year as Headmaster of Chadwick School, a K-12 independent day school in South Bay Area.  Chadwick was founded in 1935 and has been dedicated to the development of academic excellence, exemplary character, and self-discovery through experience.  The campus provides a setting conducive to serious study, opportunities for personal growth and development of character, and companionship among friends.  Core values are respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion. Students are continually challenged to go beyond mastery of knowledge into a deep understanding of themes, concepts, and connections.  They engage in problem solving, application, analysis, critical thinking, writing and research.  All the while, students are involved in community service.  The “pay it forward” mentality is a part of each project and students learn to build relationships and soon understand that anyone can make the world a better place. Under Ted’s leadership, Chadwick has proven it is a school of excellence, encouraging a joy of learning in all students. Ted has also been instrumental in the opening of Chadwick International in Songdo, South Korea.  The campus in Songdo maintains the value and integrity of the Palos Verdes campus and provides a high-quality education for over 1000 students.  Ted’s dedication and focus have ensured that Chadwick School remains a great institution.

Gloria Rodriguez, One Breath Foundation (VIDEO)
Gloria Rodriguez founded the One Breath Foundation to support those who undergo organ transplants.  She began the foundation after receiving a double lung transplant.  After years of treatment and waiting for the transplant, Gloria was so grateful to have received the transplant that she wanted to give back to others in similar situations.  The One Breath Foundation gives hope to those going through the transplant process by providing emotional and financial support for patients and their families.  They stay with patients and families as they undergo treatment, wait for transplant opportunities, and then begin the long road to recovery.  They provide information, resources, and assist with financing co-payments, which can be financially crippling to families. Their fundraising efforts also help families bridge the gap to cover day-to-day expenses.  Gloria and her team have found an important purpose in helping transplant patients and they have served as angels on earth to many who would otherwise be overwhelmed by the process.

Canine Companions For Independence (VIDEO)
Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enriches the lives of people with disabilities.  They provide highly trained assistance dogs in a program designed to ensure quality partnerships that last. The Canine Companions include service dogs to assist adults with physical disabilities by performing daily tasks, hearing dogs to alert the deaf and hard of hearing to important sounds, facility dogs that work with professionals in visitation, education, and healthcare settings, and skilled companion dogs that enhance independence for children and adults with physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities.  The highly trained, quality dogs are paired with deserving individuals who are trained to work closely with the dogs.  Follow-up and support after placement ensures the matches continue to work and ensure a life of increased independence.  The organization, and the dogs, are angels on earth, improving the quality of life for many.

Patrick and Sharon Cordes, Executive Directors, Miss Anaheim Scholarship Association (VIDEO)
Patrick and Sharon Cordes share a passion to educate young people and to help young women gain the confidence they need to be successful.  As Executive Directors of the Miss Anaheim Scholarship Association, now a non-profit organization, they work tirelessly to help young women become successful in all aspects of life.  Miss Anaheim Scholarship Association promotes educational opportunities through scholarships, creates and maintains a system of competition to enhance career opportunities and produce role models with positive values, and recognizes young women who will become leaders in the community.  The Miss Anaheim Scholarship Association is affiliated with the Miss California and Miss America Organizations. Through these affiliations the titleholders are able to compete in the Miss California Pageant and to potentially earn additional scholarship funds.  With a strong background in education, Sharon and Patrick make it their mission to provide all the support the young women in their program need.  They open their home for interview preparation, public speaking training, pageant training, assistance with resumes and college applications, and emotional support.   They encourage volunteer work and community service and chaperone all service projects.  Patrick and Sharon create a team environment that develops relationships, collaboration, and respect.  Their open hearts are willing to go above and beyond to assist young women in becoming leaders in all aspects of life.

Dr. Amit Soni, CHOC Children’s (VIDEO)
Dr. Amit Soni serves at CHOC Children’s Hospital in Pediatric Hematology and is board-certified in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology. Dr. Soni is a Board of Director for the Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty, Co-Chair of the CHOC Institutional Review Board, and Co-Chair of the CHOC Policy and Procedure Committee as well as an active member of the Ethics Committee, Palliative Care Committee, Joint Leadership Committee, and Stroke Team. He is most proud of his role as Director of the UCI/ CHOC Children’s Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program in training future leaders in the field. He recently was selected into the UC-Irvine Academy for Innovation in Medical Education. Dr. Soni has a special interest in bleeding disorders and received the prestigious Bayer Hemophilia Awards Program’s Clinical Training Award from 2008-2010. Furthermore, he is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to connect with teen patients with hemophilia. Through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, he collaborated to create interactive media to connect with teens and provide them with information about their disorder so they can take control of their health and be equipped with the knowledge they need as they transition into adulthood. His tireless dedication and vast knowledge have earned him respect in his field, his willingness to go above and beyond to serve his patients makes him an angel on earth to many.

Patricia Jones, P.S. I Love You Foundation (VIDEO)
The PS I Love You Foundation strives to provide educational enrichment and one-on-one mentor programs that influence positive attitudes, health and well-being, social development and hope.  They do this by teaching essential skills that influence the development of compassion, good choices, positive attitudes, and confident minds.  Their programs are in many Title 1 schools, those schools with 51% of the student population receiving free/reduced meal benefits. Programs are run during school hours and after school, and, while each program has a specific focus, they all incorporate leadership skills and habits for guidance and self-control, building concentration while building healthy bodies, building self-confidence and a feeling of accomplishment, and developing respectful attitudes toward themselves and others.  Programs encourage tolerance and a healthy sense of self.  PS I Love You Foundation also provides mentoring programs and pairs community volunteers with at-risk youth.  Founder Patricia Jones began this organization in 1998 and her compassion, empathy, and drive to make a difference in the lives of others in need has kept the organization running successfully.  Her spirit of giving inspires those involved in the organization to go beyond themselves to make a difference in the lives of children and help them to grow into happy, kind, respectful, and competent adults.

Randy Woolstrum, Grace OC Church (VIDEO)
Pastor Randy Woolstrum has devoted his life to service and leadership.  Randy helped his mother to raise 55 foster brothers and took over the boys ranch his mother ran after she passed away.  Randy served as a Deputy Sheriff and later as a youth pastor for many years, helping troubled teens. He is now the senior pastor at Grace OC Church.  He works tirelessly to help those in need of shelter, food, or work and started a church plant that now feeds hundreds of needy children and families each day.  He has allowed a school to open in the church, rent-free, which serves students who have not been successful in a traditional school setting.  Students can attend this school for little tuition and find the support, individualization, and classes they need to graduate and be successful.  Randy has even offered work to help those families that cannot afford the low tuition.  Randy also serves as a highly respected and sought after motivational speaker, a consultant for non-profit organizations, and a mentor.  His words and his passion make it clear that he is a man of action, working hard to improve lives.  Randy and his wife, Terri, are planning a multicultural, multigenerational church that will likely provide the community outreach, love, and hope that Randy is known for.  His dedication is endless and he truly goes above and beyond to help those in need.

Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur (VIDEO)
Since 1992, Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur has provided rehabilitation for federally protected sick and injured seals and sea lions that strand in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.   The staff and volunteers treat and release a variety of patients including California Sea Lions, Northern Elephant Seals, Pacific Harbor Seals, Northern Fur Seals, and Guadalupe Fur Seals.  Most are young and suffer from malnutrition, dehydration, parasites, bacterial and viral diseases.  Some have been abandoned by their mothers and many have been hit by boats, cars, bicycles or caught in nets.   MMCC also has an educational program, The Center for Marine Studies, which works in conjunction with LAUSD to educate students, teachers, and the public about marine science.  Together, MMCC and CFMS increase public awareness on various environmental issues, and the importance of ocean conservation, through outreach activities and educational tours.  This organization goes above and beyond to care for stranded marine mammals and to provide education that ensures long-term help for marine life.
Torrey Tayenaka, Sparkhouse (VIDEO)
Torrey Tayenaka is a creative entrepreneur driven to make his community, and the world a better place.  He began his first startup while still in high school and hasn’t slowed down since.  His agency, Sparkhouse Media, combines Torrey’s talents in videography, storytelling, and high-impact marketing to create custom commercials and spots for national and international clients.  He also channels his creativity as an inventor, producer, or promoter to design and develop products he believes have the potential to change the world.  Two such products are the Kite Patch, a wearable patch that repels mosquitoes and could prevent mosquito-borne illnesses, and the Eva Smart Shower that uses engineered features to save water without compromising the shower experience.  Torrey is also president of a non-profit organization, Ad2 OC, that supports the creative, media, and advertising communities by providing education, career changing options, and volunteer and networking opportunities for those starting out in the business.  Torrey also began Forge 54, a volunteer marketing hub to help non-profits with their marketing.  Forge 54 hosts an annual event with over 50 professionals who donate their time to create dynamic and creative marketing campaigns for worthwhile organizations who would otherwise not have the budget to do so.  Torrey’s energy and willingness to find new ways to help his community show a strong desire to pay it forward and he will likely continue to go above and beyond in ways that we haven’t yet imagined.

William Steiner (VIDEO)
William Steiner has spent 50 years serving in the child welfare field.  His career has included serving as Director of Orangewood Children’s Home and Deputy Director of Children’s Services in Orange County, employment with the California Youth Authority, the Los Angeles County Department of Adoptions, Metropolitan State Hospital and a variety of residential treatment agencies serving abused and neglected children. From 1999 until 2003 he was the National Program Director for Childhelp USA and the Project Director for the Merv Griffin Village of Arizona.  William has also served on the School Board for Orange Unified School District and on several other boards serving the Orange County community.  He is a nationally recognized expert on child abuse and neglect and has served as a delegate from the United States to review the extent of child abuse and neglect and the effect of democratization and rapid political, economic and social change on children. He helped to build the Orangewood Children’s Home and worked with the Orangewood Children’s Foundation, which raised millions dollars to benefit victims of child abuse and neglect. As a consultant he has provided his expertise on emergency shelter care services throughout California. William has been honored for his dedication and hard work in child welfare including being named Child Advocate of the Year and Citizen of the Year for the City of Orange. William’s unwavering dedication to improving the lives of children make him an angel on earth to many.