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Guiding Lights

Help ALA Reach Goal of $100,000 to Expand into Local Schools

Angel Light Academy has been active in service to the desert community for the last 23 years. Julia Wilmot and her husband General Richard Wilmot founded ALA as a way to help those suffering with PTSD by enhancing their health, happiness and well being through the practice and demonstration of unconditional love. The organization offers leadership training for all ages and to date has served over 100,000 youth and adults.

Demand for this high-quality leadership program grows each year as schools and districts request programming and training. To meet this demand, Angel Light Academy is launching a “Guiding Lights” fundraising program with a mission to raise $100,000 from benefactors who have the vision and commitment to put Angel Light Academy’s leadership training curriculum into area schools.

The Guiding Lights program will make this possible by offering Teacher Professional Development with comprehensive curriculum, training and support for a turn-key implementation by the school. Teachers will receive training that will impact their students year after year, helping more children build self confidence and develop leadership traits. The program teaches children to become future leaders and problem solvers in their communities.

Angel Light Academy is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of benefactors like you to ensure that we can continue to operate programs, expand them to reach more children, and to evaluate and improve the programs’ effectiveness. ALA is a grassroots organization that provides effective, quality programming that meets the needs of the community. We are excited to bring this impactful program to our Valley’s schools.