Our Kids

Angel Light Academy (ALA) programming has impacted thousands of youth, families and adults with our unconditional love and service to others. We believe in the importance of youth understanding their role in their community through projects such as working with medically fragile kids, animals, adults with dementia and more. Learning through service is a great way to teach and have an impact on their lives. Junior Leaders rise to the challenge and offer great insight into why the projects are so important, the lessons they learned and how they tie to leadership. Our programming also emphasizes essential character and leadership traits, problem solving and critical communication skills.

We help rebuild lives and give hope for a brighter future! Listen and read the testimonials below:






I have been a Junior Leader for over 11 years. I have learned how to be a better leader and speak or perform in front of large groups of people. It is awesome!
Gabriel Baily

Gabriel, age 16, Junior Leader
Angel Light Academy has changed my life. They have been with me every step of the way, from learning to read to graduating college to my current career. I cannot thank them enough!
Rafael, Junior Leader Alumni, Director of Sales
My son has been part of the Junior Leader training program for the last three years. From someone who was focused on himself he’s developed a sense of community service and the importance of giving back to others. Formerly, a shy kid he now really enjoys communicating with both adults and youth.
Chelsea V., Parent
The Indio Teen Center would like to express our support for the Angel Light Academy in providing valuable leadership training to Indio youth; teaching problem solving, communication, bullying resistance, and service. Their yearly program in the City of Indio has helped countless youth develop better self-esteem and take on leadership roles in our schools and community.
Rosalva Campos, Community Program Administrator, City of Indio
I have had the pleasure of working with the Angel Light Academy for the last 10 years…There is no doubt that this phenomenal program provides many students with leadership opportunities and community engagement. Students get exposed to bullying, their soft skills, they learn coping skills, how to avoid or deal with conflict and bullying, improving self-esteem, new relationships with peers, and many more important and necessary aspects. Consequently, students are exposed to strengthening their character and becoming real assets to our schools and communities.
Rosa Corona, Counselor, Amistad High School
Angel Light Academy has been a wonderful, positive part of so many student’s lives at Desert Sands Unified School District. Angel Light Academy teaches youth how to be leaders, how to problem solve, how to give back to the community, how to work together and all the while building a strong moral character.
Tori St. Johns, Desert Sands Unified School District, Student Assistance Programs