Julia Wilmot first founded Angel Light Academy in 1995 to assist those with PTSD by helping to draw out their innate leadership traits, learn to find solutions to their problems, and take action to change their lives. She brought with her thirty years of entrepreneurial business experience, and experience as a secondary school, special education, and college teacher, fundraiser and creator of highly successful prevention programs for children.

She developed, implemented and raised funds for Project Prevention, a program that reached over 600,000 youth in Arizona. This program served as a model for abuse prevention programs throughout the United States. In 2003, she was awarded Woman of the Year for her thirty years of community leadership and service in Arizona.

Julia is truly a dynamic angel on earth, with an untiring devotion to the betterment of mankind. She is a pioneer in combining the concepts of science, spirituality, philosophy and psychology to leadership, team building, problem solving, communication and community development.